Don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz is the greatest soul on this planet to me, by far. He explains how we are all Love, God, and how it all came to this - us being completely unaware of that

I find it impossible to read his books and not be taken away by the profoundly simple yet enormously deep messages in there - although anything is possible, theoretically, and belief systems are very, very strong

I invite anyone to read one of his books, although starting with The Four Agreements is what I did:
  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Don't take anything personally
  3. Don't make assumptions
  4. Always do your best
Over the years we have developed an enormous amount of habit. It is a.o. out of this habit that we express ourselves. The words that come out of our mouth are often 'thoughtless' in the sense that they are our primary reaction. It took years of habit, living by our domesticated agreements, to do so. Subconsciously we choose words based on the emotions triggered in our minds
The words just come out of our mouth. Yet, if we try, we could rephrase these same words in thousands of different ways

These habits have grown into solid beliefs that auto-drive our thinking process. In all that thinking we have many assumptions that we are not aware of. We even assume that what we think is true. Worse, we also assume that we know what others think and feel, and how they react. Worst, we even assume that the judgments and self criticisms we hold against ourselves are true

We are accustomed to make so many assumptions that we aren’t aware of. These assumptions are not the truth, yet we call them truth. Not just our truth, simply The Truth

Because we think that we are so important, we have also learned to take things personally. We assume that any opinion about us is directed towards us. Whether it's our own opinion, or someone else's. We end up having an emotional reaction to this opinion because we assume it is true. Whether it's an opinion we perceive as positive or negative, we assume it's a true opinion, and react to it. Sometimes we even yell "That's not true!" as if we are saying something new, something out of the ordinary...

But all opinions are assumptions. Opinions other people have about us, opinions we have about other people and other people's opinions, opinions we have about ourselves, or even opinions we have about our own opinions (etcetera) - they are all assumptions. And yet, we take them all personally

Taking them personally means we are hurt by them: when they touch the wounds we have, we are in pain. We defend ourselves, and when we're tired defending ourselves, we even start to attack. All it brings is drama, more pain, and misery

Stop assuming that you know anything to be true. Stop taking everything personally. It is, what it is - and everything else is a product of your imagination. Just like worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want, there are pretty and beautiful ways to recreate your own personal Dream - because that's what it is, this life on earth...

Combining these four Masters, here's what I'd like to say

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